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Murders, Mysteries and History

Murders, Mysteries and History pulls 150 years of crimes straight from the pages of yesterday’s news and stirs them in a historical mix to produce a book like no other you've ever read.

Get the scoop on 'way more than a hundred real-life murders and unsolved killings. A running timeline helps you connect history, crime, and punishment.

You'll find vics, suspects, perps. Judges and juries. Jails and penitentiaries. Hangings, electrocutions and nothing less than simply getting away with murder.

Sometimes brutal (but never gruesome), often haunting, always entertaining. Murders, Mysteries and History is the perfect reminder that the past was never a gentle place to live.

With a five-star reader's rating at Amazon, this is the perfect buy for true-crime fans, murder mystery fanatics, and history buffs. It's 300 pages "that read more like 100."

A discussion of how to find murders of the past and several tables of crime stats are included in this volume.


Order yours at your favorite bookseller or online in both paperback and e-reader formats at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Prefer to keep your dollars local? There's the online Gift Shop of the Conneaut Lake Area Historical Society and the Crawford County Convention and Visitor's Bureau.

 What Readers Say:

I've never visited this part of the world, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The author clearly did meticulous research to collate this material, and the timeline format works a treat... not to mention the dry commentary. Entertaining without being grisly or disrespectful this is a real insight into how things used to be... and how they sometimes still are. - Clare (Soton, England)

Being a "True Crime" freak, I love this book and I'm not even from Pennsylvania! The timeline idea is interesting, letting me know what else was going on at the time of the murders. Thanks! And hurry up with the next one! - David

Like dozens of little murder mysteries! I enjoyed the fact that all of these stories, even the wildest, are all true. I remember hearing about some of them (like McGrath in Titusville) when I was a kid. No wonder there are so many ghosts in Crawford County! - Kathy

This book has exceeded my expectations. It is not really gruesome. It is a great history lesson without being too heavy. Just interesting to think murders happened back then. The media is not the same then as it is now. Would highly recommend this book. I bought it by e-reader now wishing I would of bought a hard copy to share. - Wendy

Love it! Love it! Love it! The history is great and the murder stories are even better. There's a surprising amount of detail but none of it's boring. I got to the end of 300 pages and I wished there were a hundred more. Great job. - Alan

I've never read a book quite like it. It's a blast. Great lesson in history, especially the cities and towns. Better lesson in human nature. It was kind of surprising how little things have changed. Plus, I now know more about prostitution than I ever thought I would!  - Scott

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