There're only a couple things better'n Books...

In the Pipeline


Busyness: Not yet titled - will be a Small and Painless E-Book:

In: Research / First Drafts

This project is an outgrowth/expansion of a proposal I wrote for the 2011 Universal Usability and Interaction Design (UUID) symposium on "Rethinking the Culture of Busyness and IT."

This is in the very early stages. Plans are amorphous. Things may change.




Lorain County, Ohio, Murders: Not yet titled - will be available in both paper- and e-book format:

In: First Drafts

A sort of matching bookend to my Crawford County Murder book. Right now, I'm identifying sources and working my way through some pretty dense stuff.

I've finished the court recods and the newspapers up through the 1950s. Rough-rough drafts of cases up through the 1940s. Sliding everything together. Figuring out what I know and what I need to know.