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The Original Conneaut Lake Ferry Tales Web Site

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The disc holds a complete web site.

The Original Conneaut Lake Ferry Tales Web Site.

I know, it's not a book. But, it's nearly as good!

This Windows/Mac CD contains The Original Ferry Tales Web Site. Nearly 200 images and loads of stories about the ferries, Conneaut Lake's other passenger boats, and many of the hotels.

It's the total sum of fun stuff and raw research that I edited down to create my two "Lake Books." It holds a ton more information than both of my boat books, combined: even has the typos that I could never quite manage to get rid of.

So you know... The information on this CD is frozen at the year 2000, the time of its last edit. Like any book, it's up-to-date only until it's published. But, that won't detract from your enjoyment! 

As a Bonus: This CD includes a complete, Adobe® PDF version of Sailing Through Time so you can enjoy your virtual visit to Conneaut Lake even more! 


The disc can be bought from only one source - the online Gift Shop of the Conneaut Lake Area Historical Society.

What Readers Say:

We REALLY enjoyed looking through the disc and can't thank you enough for putting it together. You've inspired me to go look through some old photos. I remember going to the Lake during the summer and working at the Midway, riding the ferry to the park, and other great experiences. - Steve

Thanks for creating the CD and keeping those old cherished memories alive for those of us that found Conneaut Lake such a pleasure. - MJR

Lots of pictures, stories and history. It might be snowing outside, but in my heart it's always summertime at Conneaut Lake! - Don

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