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I was raised as the second of three sons in Conneaut Lake, northwest Pennsylvania, by a family full of unapologetic storytellers and was lucky enough to never quite know if the tales I heard were true.

A graduate of Conneaut Lake High School. Then undergrad at Thiel College in Greenville, Pennsylvania, with a double major in Philosophy and Geology. After a year-and-a-half in the "real world," I skedaddled back for a Master of Science in Geology, along with graduate-level coursework in the education of the hearing impaired at Kent State University in Ohio (and no, I was not there when "those kids got shot").

My life since has been a broad mix of experiences; passenger boat pilot, gravel pit lab technician, sweetheart, husband, post-graduate research fellow, geologist, statistician, teacher, stand-up comedian, computer support analyst, father, martial arts instructor, freelance writer, and author.

Along the way, I've done a lot of dumb things that should have killed me, fought the requisite battles against broken hearts and the blues and have been rewarded with friendship, love, a family, and, I hope, some slight measure of wisdom and peace.

The only constant along the way has been my storytelling. After more than a half-century of practice I've developed some talent. Still not near as good as Dad, but I'm getting there. 


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